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Here are the finest compression sprayers made for pests and insects efficiently and economically for homes, lawns, gardens, orchards, farms animal sheds, industrial and business premises water tanks, pools drains, food stores and ware house. The PIR Compression Sprayer - is the best of its type available anywhere. It is cylindrical in shape and equipped with a hand-operated pump for pressurization, hose, shut-off valve, lance, nozzle and other accessories. Superbly engineered to international standards and handsomely crafted from prime quality stainless steel.


Yes, by all means if you want a sprayer that can give you the most for your money. Stainless steel the metal supreme for sprayers with proper care can serve you for “life”. Your extra initial investment will be repaid in savings in the long run. Stainless steel will not rust. It resists the corrosive effects of most all spray chemicals. It’s easy to keep clean, important in the care of a sprayer. It’s beautiful, has a quality look: PIR sprayers use new stainless steel with a soft gleam, which lasts the life of the sprayer. It’s a sprayer you will be proud to use. Yes, choose a PIR stainless steel sprayer your best investment in every way.

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