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Pakistan is basically an agricultural country. 80% of its population is settled in villages/small towns and majority of them are agriculturists and peasants. This land is enjoying abundant resources and necessary infrastructure but the major obstacle is the one, which is inherited. By virtue of this ideology, we are fully convinced that foreign items are comparatively better to those produced in our country and as a result thereof, we are spending valuable foreign exchange on the import of agricultural implements. As a matter of fact the same foreign exchange can be fruit-oriented regarding welfare activities. These implements can conveniently be manufactured within the country and their commendably better than those produced in other countries. There is a growing need for its due patronage and procuring all its production by the governments, which definitely and would result in the saving a lot of foreign exchange.

Pakistan industry (Regd.) was set up in 1948 by Haji Muhammad Suleman, a patriot from Lahore. Primarily it was confined to the manufacturing of spare parts for textile industry; but later on in 1972, when the off springs of Haji Muhammad Suleman had acquired adequate know-how and education, it was transformed into a sprayer Manufacturing Unit, which are used in the Agriculture Sector. Sprayers manufacturing by Pakistan Industries proved as an imports substitution item. With a view to catering for local requirements, the factory was expanded manifold and now, 1000 to 7000 Sprayers and manufactured every year. Well-trained personnel form PITAC and Pak-German Technical Institute are on the roll of this industry. A number of delegations from the United Nations and World Health Organization undertook inspections and declared the tempo of work as satisfactory and standard of goods as excellent as good, which. Clearly depicts that Haji Muhammad Suleman is an expert and a committed citizen of Pakistan.

 Careful technical analysis of Sprayers, those manufactured by Pakistan Industries (Regd.) Reveal that iron-body Sprayers imported from America, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan become remain functional for about two months the “PIR” manufactured Sprayers are of Stainless Steel body that receive no poisonous effects. Moreover, all the parts are produced within the factory. These Sprayers are much better in performance compared to the imported ones. They have unique durability and in spite of all these salient features, they have low prices as compared to those, which are imported.

 There is no proper patronage from the Government to our local industry. All the Sprayers are manufactured by us at our own risk and cost but we are not sure that all Government and Agricultural institutions. If we continue manufacturing and there is no substantial demand, it is apprehended that all our investment on this industry would be blocked and we may go to starvation. Therefore, he has forcefully appealed that the Government should pay special attention and there must be comprehensive planning. To safeguard the interests of local industry, the import of sprayers should be discouraged and stopped forthwith. If Government takes concrete steps in this direction, a lot of foreign exchange can be saved and eventually this amount con be spent on the welfare and development of agriculture. With this vital step, the Sprayer Industry functioning in the country, will develop and flourish in the country, will develop and flourish swiftly.